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Upcoming Events

[Special Event] Geneva - Thu 26th August 2021, hosted by

Networking on the Bateau de Genève

This is an exclusive event only for the community members.
We are inviting all our members to join us to a drink on the lake of Geneva.
All details will be provided through the mailing list.


[Conference] Online - Thu 23rd September 2021, sponsored by

Securing the Cloud

Cloud security is one of the fastest areas of cybersecurity, which is projected to grow to a 68.5 billion dollar industry in the next five years, more than doubling its current market worth. On a high level, it consists of four important pillars: workload security, network protection, identity management and compliance.
These can be divided in multiple smaller fields and also extended in time, because the essence of this field is keeping up with our current fast-growing environment and making cloud usage as viable in terms of security as traditional data centers.

Joining this event you will gain 2 CPE for your certification


[Conference] Online - Tue 16th November 2021, sponsored by

Top 10 Cyberattacks

In order to be able to protect applications and environments of zero-day threats and innovative attack types, security practitioners have to stay up-to-date with modern trends and think with the mind of the hacker.
A first step of achieving this is knowing the top 10 cybersecurity attack types of today and being able to defend against them.

Joining this event you will gain 2 CPE for your certification


[Special Event] - Tue 14th December 2021, hosted by

Xmas Dinner 2021

Our usual XMas dinner!


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