About Us

Who we are

To be or not to be?

We are a non-profit group based in Geneva, Switzerland. We like to discuss about any topic related to CyberSecurity. We count on a group of 700+ members and we created this platform to allow our members to have a more structured place where to organize formal and informal events.

Our Vision

Freedom is never given: it is won

Our vision is the one of a society of secure connections, where people could have access to information and services without compromise their safety and privacy while accessing to them.

Our Mission

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Our mission is to create together the right CyberSecurity mindset and the right attitude to be aware about the new threats. At the same time we also want to create a high-professional group of experts, creating a platform where to collect and share our knowledge and to be able to grow all together.

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