Call for speakers

Call for speakers

Would you like to be one of our speakers?

Here some of the main information that we might need to consider you as a speaker to our conferences:

1) Title of Presentation

The proposed title of the presentation: it should reflect the content of the speech.

2) Abstract

A short presentation about the topic that you would like to present (500 chars max).
Note: this will be shared with all participants before the conference.

3) Detailed description of presentation

This could help us to understand how to better point your presentation: the topics that you would like to introduce, how do you intend to perform the presentation, if the knowledge that you are going to share is related to your work experience, if you gave or not already this presentation, etc.

4) Contact name

Name and surname of the speaker.

5) Author Bio

A short biography about the speaker (500 chars max).

6) Contacts

Provide contact names as email, phone, linkedin, twitter or whatever you use.

7) Availability

Check our dates to propose your availability
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