Our History

Our History

Here in a few steps, the short history of our community!

  • February 2019
    Monday Night Talks

    Mauro launches the Monday Night Talks

  • January 2019
    New conference room

    Mária Bicsi presents the Swiss-CyberSecurity program for 2019 and our new conference room!

  • November 2018
    Swiss-CyberSecurity in Porrentruy

    Mária, in Porrentruy, presents in the Cybersecurity Switzerland Conference our association, our history and our initiatives

  • November 2018
    The Zero-Day event

    Swiss-CyberSecurity has been one of the main sponsors of the Zero-Day event, the biggest Cybersecurity event in Switzerland in 2018

  • June 2018
    Thando joins Swiss-CyberSecurity

    Thando Todo joins Swiss-CyberSecurity as event co-organizer

  • March 2018
    Our first stand

    For the first time Swiss-CyberSecurity has its own stand in a public event: we interact with students and we share our initiative at EPFL

  • February 2018
    1.000 members

    Celebrating 1.000 community members on the 17th of February!!! Thank you all!

  • January 2018
    Loyalty Cards

    Since 2018 we decided to privilege the most loyal community members with a Loyalty Card to have access to all our events in 2018 and to gain many other benefits.

  • December 2017
    After-conference interviews

    After the conference our speakers are reflecting about the most important topics they were talking about. You can check here all our interviews recorded until today.

  • June 2017
    (ISC)² partnership

    We are official (ISC)² partners: all the people participating to our events could gain CPE credits for their cybersecurity certifications.

  • February 2017
    We start with the conferences

    We launch official conferences where the community members are presenting topics that they master, all the topics are also reflected into the blog. The full agenda of our events could be found here.

  • November 2016
    Swiss CyberSecurity events

    We finally decide to launch a new platform to group all formal and informal events, and to create a community of Cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts. This initiative will come up with a new series of formal events in January 2017.

  • March 2016

    We decide to create a Meetup group to share more and more our vision with other experts and, in less than one year, we were able to build a community of 150+ interested people about Cybersecurity topics.

  • November 2015
    Formal events

    Mária joins the community as organizer and we start to launch public formal events speaking about Cybersecurity Awareness, Social Engineering, Access Control and Risk Management.

  • March 2015
    Informal beers

    The meetings becomes more frequents and we decide to invite also new people to join the informal meeting: we started to speak mainly about Cybersecurity, but not excluding other topics as well.

  • 2013
    We started our journey

    Mauro, with a group of colleagues passionate about Cybersecurity, meets after work in Geneva and start to discuss, in front of a beer, about challenges found at job, what could be improved and what could be the next steps in the Cybersecurity world.

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