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  • CyberSecurity Switzerland - Conference

    In a world full of security events, we desire to create a rupture meeting by gathering some of the most gifted speakers from very different horizons and countries to provide not a company or an institutional point of view, but their thoughts and analysis on the fast-evolving threat panorama, covering all security stakes and not only the merely technological one.

  • Swiss Cyber Storm

    Swiss Cyber Storm is an international IT security conference in the domain of cyber attacks and defense. On the management and tech track, international experts talk about the latest findings, techniques, visions, opinions and lessons learned. To complement the talks, the conference features the opportunity to link with the swiss finalists team of the European Cyber Security Challenge. Swiss Cyber Storm provides a lot of room for the networking with national and international experts.

  • (ISC)2

    (ISC)2 is the world’s leading Cybersecurity and IT Security Professional organization. Due to our ongoing relationship supporting (ISC)2 in their efforts, if you attend our events which are marked with the CPE Submitter logo, CPEs for these will be automatically credited to your member account within 4-6 weeks. For more CPE opportunities please go to the (ISC)2.

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